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Davos Łódź - World Communication Forum

Łódź 10.10.2016 00:00

The regional edition of WCF Davos in Łódź concentrates on Human-Centered Design, Customer Experience, Service Design, Product Design, UX as keys to innovation in business.

No more than 200 decision makers and creative minds unite their experience to talk about the future of services, products and brands.

WCF Davos Regional Edition

For the past 6 years The World Communication Forum (#WCFDavos) has become a respected international platform covering different areas of communications: public affairs, media, digital, services, branding, etc. Today WCF is one of the most influential events in the field of communication!

Miejsce: ANDEL’S ŁÓDŹ, Łódź

Koszt: 240 - 450 euro

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